Something magical happens when you mention John Cameron to those who have met him, have experienced one of his shows, or have been the recipient of his generous and caring nature. It is his gift of giving.

John gives his talents to incredible causes. He supports organizations that do incredible work helping those struggling with mental health issues. He supports the performing arts when he takes singers, dancers, and musicians under his wing and gives them opportunities to showcase their talent on stage in front of thousands.

Simply put, John is synonymous with giving.

The John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation was born from this caring nature. When able to mix his two favourite things—music and charity, John discovered the magic that music has to move people to do good. Those touched are changed forever.

John has made it his focus to support mental health initiatives, to break the stigma, and help bring needed funds to organizations that make a difference. Through his live performances that include CRESCENDO, Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree, and Harvest Gala, John and his team are continuously pushing their abilities to deliver the best show possible, mixing music and dance and comedy to new heights, and moving an audience to make a difference in their city.



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